From the subway platforms of Union Square to a store front in Union Square.

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Who is PJ O'Rourke?

Hailing from New York City, PJ O’Rourke is an artist renowned for his clever and thought-provoking artwork, skillfully intertwining wordplay and historical references. His lifelong commitment to his craft has elevated him to a celebrated presence in the art world, consistently fascinating audiences with his distinctive concepts and illustrations.

Going beyond traditional art mediums, PJ's designs also grace a wide range of clothing apparel. His innate talent to effortlessly merge art with fashion highlights his versatility and ensures that his work is accessible to a diverse audience, bringing a touch of creativity to everyday wear.

The Designs.

Welcome to the creative universe of PJ O'Rourke, where art and imagination collide. Discover a unique blend of wit, historical depth, and artistic brilliance in his fascinating designs. PJ's work is a captivating blend of creativity and expression that's bound to leave a lasting impression. Whether you're seeking vibrant prints or unique clothing apparel, PJ offers a fresh perspective that's both distinctive and accessible. Experience the fusion of art and fashion, where each piece tells a story and ignites your imagination.

 Explore his collection and make art a part of your everyday experience.

New York City Arteries (MTA- Most Trauma Afflicted)

This staple design was created mostly while in the actual subway train stations. The New York City Subway Map morphs into a beating heart, symbolizing New York's residents' profound connection to the city's transit system. It serves as a powerful metaphor for the subway's essential role in New York City's heartbeat, reminding us of the lifeline that keeps the city alive and thriving. There is no pulse without the subway system Arteries.

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20,000 Leagues Under NYC

Merging the timeless adventure of Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas with the modern pulse of New York City, envisioning a submerged subway system powered by innovative submarines and haunted by colossal squids. PJ O'Rourke's unique blend of classic literature and urban imagination creates a captivating and visually striking narrative that captures the essence of an underwater urban adventure.

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Selfies At Tiffany's

A contemporary twist to the iconic image of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's by replacing her cigarette with a selfie stick and cell phone, offering a playful commentary on modern society's obsession with self-image. PJ O'Rourke's reinterpretation pays tribute to Audrey's enduring charm and her influence on fashion and culture while satirically highlighting the changes in our values in the digital age.

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New York Fuckery

PJ O'Rourke cleverly parodies the New York Lottery, replacing "lottery" with "fuckery," serving as a striking social commentary on the everyday challenges faced by New Yorkers, from economic disparities to subway delays. It's a provocative reflection of New York's intricate blend of chaos and charm, expressing both criticism and affection for the city.

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PJ O'Rourke reimagines Marilyn Monroe’s iconic moment by replacing her face with the haunting image of an atomic bomb's mushroom cloud while seamlessly blending the flowing motion of her dress, creating a powerful juxtaposition of beauty and destruction. This visually striking piece captures the essence of Hollywood's golden age while offering a thought-provoking commentary on the enduring allure of Marilyn and the historical context in which she thrived.

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The Yellow Subway Line

An enchanting design that reimagines the Beatles' Yellow Submarine within the N, Q, R subway lines of New York City. PJ O'Rourke's unique fusion of music and urban imagery pays homage to the Beatles, celebrates the spirit of the city, and captures the essence of a timeless musical era. Also executed in homage to legendary artist Peter Max. A Blue Meanie train conductor brings Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Eleanor Rigby along for the ride. The boys from Liverpool touched down in New York in 1964, and things were never the same.1

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Tyson vs. Van Gogh

Creatively bridging the worlds of boxing and art, PJ O'Rourke depicts Mike Tyson and Vincent Van Gogh through a clever juxtaposition of their personal experiences with ears. This classic-style boxing poster encapsulates the resilience, complexity, and unique artistry of these two iconic figures, making it a captivating and creative work of art. DUMBO (subliminal ear joke), Brooklyn, is the setting of this match, a home match for Tyson. Vincent, one of the most revered and popular artists of all-time, seems poised for a good showing. Pregame, Tyson promised Van Gogh a Starry Night."

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The Illest

PJ O'Rourke encapsulates the poetic essence of sports, portraying a vulnerable yet heroic Michael Jordan during the iconic Flu Game. This striking artwork merges comics with athletics, celebrating the resilience and artistry of MJ in a unique way. From shaking Hornacek with a fever, to his "Fifth Ring Addition" the next game, this Finals goes down as one of the most memorable in NBA history.

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Artist's Choice

Artist's Choice signifies a profound commitment to the spirit of artistic individuality. It encapsulates PJ O'Rourke's unwavering dedication to creating singular, handcrafted masterpieces, where no two pieces are alike. This collection is a testament to the artist's freedom of expression, each creation representing a unique journey of creativity and innovation.

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