New York City Street Artist & His Muse

  • PJ O'Rourke

    From the subway to the streets of SoHo, PJ O'Rourke mobs around New York City living the dream of the The Big Apple. Pushing a cart with stickers, patches, and prints using direct exposure, PJ has built the brand through organic guerilla marketing.

  • Jillian Vigon

    Fashionista and marketing strategist, Jillian holds it down for the brand. Acting as an artistic muse by modeling for clothing and artwork is part of the job description.

Artist Profile

The tale of a classic American underdog, PJ moved to New York 12 years ago. Born in Tulsa and lived in a few states, Graphic Arts classes in Mississippi were leading him down what he deemed to be a life of mediocrity. A couch in Astoria was waiting after staying in The Bronx on his first visit. After a few dead end gigs, he was living in Bushwick and decided to start selling his artwork on the subway with a makeshift Home Depot laundry cart.
The prints started selling, and PJ was able to develop his portfolio in his off-time like a madman. Living in a basement and working underground, this brand literally came from the ground up. (Upwards of 5,000 prints moved.) From a bus to a subway to a storefront pop up in East Village and Soho, this is PJ’s life’s work, passion, and dedication.
PJ O’Rourke ii represents the struggle and aspiring for more, all accommodated with some of New York’s finest designs and colorways. Historical references, politics, sports, and wordplay are the most consistent themes seen throughout the catalog.

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